Self Employed

There are many loan programs for self-employed loans from Conventional to Non-QM we have a program that fit your needs.

How long do I have to be Self Employed to qualify?

2 Years.

What documents are needed?

As a general rule most lenders are looking for 12 months bank statements. Some will accept personal bank statements if you are operating the business out of your personal account. The business must be a Sole Proprietor or 1099, it cannot be a Corporation or Partnership. You will also need a current P&L. Some lenders will allow you to create the P&L others will require it is completed by a CPA or Certified tax preparer. A copy of your business license if applicable.

Every situation is different if you have any questions, give us call.

Can I use wage earner income?

No, all income used must be from the business. However, you can use the income from a spouse as long as that income is not associated with the business.