Here at United Finance Corporation we provide a strong cost saving capability for our clients.
Your new home loan can become a very significant instrument in life. Anyone who decides to take the leap and get hold of their piece of the pie requires the best position possible for acquiring financing.
After you find just the right home, you will feel a rush of urgency; a pressing desire to get the ink dried and move in to your new home as quickly as possible. Our desire is to place you in the hands of a team of experts who will make it all come together quickly. With the loan as the primary tool for sealing your new purchase, United Finance Corporation wishes to be the company to assist you all the way to the finish line!

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United Finance Corporation
As a qualified lender client placement company, United Finance Corporation is completely geared for the home loan you require. We make the lending process a smooth and simple activity that is enjoyable, not a hassle.
Here at United Finance Corporation, we connect you with an appropriate agent to walk you through the whole process to ensure your happiness. After the discussions and evaluations you and your agent have, our trained professionals scour the market for just the right loan options you may quality for.
With far reaching, fast moving tentacles we find you the best match for your situation. As you work with us, you will feel the professional approach rock steady, moving beside you during this critical moment.
Our group provides everything in house so you have grounded services and direction that will guide you through every step of the process. When determining the type of loan with you, we will evaluate your life goals right alongside your financial scenario and wade you through all your needs.
United Finance Corporation will be there with you through thick and thin. The efficiency of our working together will put you in a strong position with the seller's team. If we get you pre-approved, your bargaining power with the seller's agent will be noticeably strengthened and you will feel those all-important "small things" in place all the way through.